Months of the year

Spelling was hard for me as a native, so I can’t imagine how difficult it is for my Japanese junior high schoolers.¬†Unfortunately, English spelling is very much taught by rote learning here with no emphasis on phonics or even really basic spelling rules. This is terrible for their English education, but for my personal entertainment, it’s hilarious. Today, the 8th graders had a spelling test, and by far the most entertaining was the months of the year. Here are a few of the¬†misspellings:

  • January – Janney, Junwary
  • February – Fvrey, Federey, Fevraliy
  • March – Mach, Match
  • April – Eiprl, Epler, Eiplir, Aplir
  • May – is one most kids managed to get, though there were a few “Mai”s
  • June – Jnu, Jun
  • July – Jaril, Jury
  • August – Orgest
  • September – Sertanbay
  • October – Octorber, Octanbay
  • November – Nobender, Noder, Nadeny (wtf?)
  • December – Deasnbay, Disember

These are just one class, I’m sure many more await me tomorrow.

There were also many non-month misspelling pearls, such as apoo – apple, tachy – teacher, lunt – lunch, and goil – girl, which gets half points ’cause “goil” is correct in some part of the States.