The almighty piece of paper, part ni

Last time, I covered the first unspoken rule of paper in Japan (never throw any piece of paper you get in Japan away). This second rule is also unspoken and is possibly more important that the first

2. If it’s an ALTs word against a piece of paper, paper trumps ALT, always.

It really doesn’t matter how unofficial the piece of paper is. It could be something drunkenly scrawled on a napkin, but if the ALT says something that contradicts what’s written on a piece of paper, by God, that piece of paper will win. This isn’t a hard tested theory yet, but I am constantly collecting proof that ALT < piece of paper.

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Ah, I’ve been looking for one of these

I wish I could take credit for this gem of an Engrish find, but it was the other ALT in town who spotted this in the conference room of one of our junior highs. I just wish I knew what these guys were going for. Is it possibly because the brand is “Peacock” and they wanted to use one syllable, but decided “double pea” didn’t roll off the tongue as well? Whatever happened, the result is hilarious.

Double Cock Keeper

One for you, and one for your friend!